Latinised Hymns

Almighty Father, Lord most high,

Almighty Father, Lord most high,
Who madest all, who fillest all,
Thy name we praise and magnify,
For all our needs on thee we call.

We offer to thee of thine own
Ourselves and all that we can bring,
In Bread and Cup before thee shown,
Our universal offering.

A11 that we have we bring to thee,
Yet all is naught when all is done,
Save that in it thy love can see
The Sacrifice of thy dear Son.

By his command in Bread and Cup
His Body and his Blood we plead:
That on the Cross he offered up
is here our Sacrifice indeed.

For all thy gifts of life and grace,
Here we thy servants humbly pray
That thou would'st look upon the face
of thine anointed Son to-day.

V.S.S. Coles

Omnipotens Pater Deus,
ut nos creasti, sic reples;
tibi, quem laude tollimus,
egeni fundimus preces.

Offerimus tibi tuum,
nos et quod ferre possumus
tuum(st) cum Pane Poculum
oblatum hic ab omnibus.

Quodcumque nostrum est habes
sed id valebit minimum
et solum quatenus vides
Mactatum ibi Filium.

Panem Vinumque porgere,
Corpus Cruorem, docuit
is ipse qui cum in Cruce
tum hic se Victimam dedit.

Qui vitam gratiamque das,
nos nunc satellites tui
oramus ut inspicias
hic uncti vultum Filii.

MM 14–18.7.01