Latinised Hymns

He wants not friends that hath thy love

He wants not friends that hath thy love,
And may converse and walk with thee,
And with thy saints here and above,
With whom for ever I must be.

In the blest fellowship of saints
Is wisdom, safety, and delight;
And when my heart declines and faints,
It's raised by their heat and light.

As for my friends, they are not lost;
The several vessels of thy fleet,
Though parted now, by tempests tost,
Shall safely in the haven meet.

Still are we centred all in thee,
Members, though distant, of one Head;
In the same family we be,
By the same faith and spirit led.

Before thy throne we daily meet
As joint-petitioners to thee;
In spirit we each other greet,
And shall again each other see.

The heavenly hosts, world without end,
Shall be my company above;
And thou, my best and surest friend,
Who shall divide me from thy love?


Egent-ne amico quos amas
dignaris et colloquio
sanctisque et hic coire das
et superis perpetuo?

Sanctorum nam concilia
salvant, erudiunt, placent;
depressa corda et languida
eorum radiis calent.

Amici nec desunt mei:
classis tuae navigia,
ventorum nunc dispersa vi,
in portu fient integra.

Te circumvolvimur; caput
tu, membra nos (sed dissita)
familiaeque unius, ut
fides inspirat unica.

Eidem genu flectimus,
clientes pariter tui,
amplectimurque mentibus
congressioni debiti.

Caelestibus perpetue
supra coniunctus fuero;
et quis, sodalis optime,
amore dividet tuo?

MM 24–31.1.99