Latinised Hymns

Hosanna in the highest

Hosanna in the highest
To our exalted Saviour,
Who left behind
For all mankind
These tokens of his favour:
His bleeding love and mercy,
His all-redeeming Passion;
Who here displays,
And gives the grace
Which brings us our salvation.

Louder than gathered waters,
Or bursting peals of thunder,
We lift our voice
And speak our joys
And shout our loving wonder.
Shout, all our elder brethren,
While we record the story
Of him that came
And suffered shame,
To carry us to glory.

Angels in fixed amazement
Around our altars hover
With eager gaze
Adore the grace
Of our eternal Lover:
Himself and all his fulness
Who gives to the believer;
And by this Bread
Whoe'er are fed
Shall live with God for ever.


Hosanna in excelsis
sit Vindici potenti;
haec dat suae
humanae signa genti:
cruorem, passionem,
qua nos redempti simus,
monstratque qua
cum gratia
salvati fuerimus.

Undarum superantes
et tonitrus fragorem
amantium stuporem.
Clamate, seniores,
eumque recordemur,
quo tradito
nos ad decus feremur.

Immobiles ad aras
stant angeli stupentes,
et gratiam
Amantis intuentes:
is se dabit credenti,
cui nihil inde de(e)rit;
quicumque eum
capit cibum
cum Deo semper erit.

MM 19–31.7.01