Latinised Hymns

How glorious is the life above

How glorious is the life above
which in this ordinance we taste,
That fulness of celestial love,
That joy which shall for ever last!

That heavenly life in Christ concealed
These earthen vessels could not bear;
The part which now we find revealed
No tongue of angels can declare.

The light of life eternal darts
Into our souls a dazzling ray;
A drop of heaven o'erflows our hearts,
And floods with joy the house of clay.

Sure pledge of ecstasies unknown
Shall this divine Communion be:
The ray shall rise into a sun,
The drop shall swell into a sea.


Supernae vitae qui sapor
in ore praegustantium,
Dei qua plenitate amor,
quod gaudium perpetuum!

In Christo vitam quae latet,
hanc vas terrestre non tulit,
nec angelorum praedicet
vox id quod hic apparuit.

Aeterna vitae nitidum
fert lux iubar in animas;
caelestis gutta cordium
domos inundat luteas.

Voluptas nobis quanta erit,
qui nunc Deo sic iungimur
Ut iubar solem praevenit
sic guttam mare sequitur.

MM 8–17.7.01