Latinised Hymns

How lovely are thy dwellings fair

How lovely are thy dwellings fair,
O Lord of Hosts, how dear
Thy pleasant tabernacles are,
Where thou dost dwell so near.

My soul doth long and almost die
Thy courts, O Lord, to see;.
My heart and flesh aloud do cry,
O living God, to thee.

Happy, who in thy house reside,
Where thee they ever praise;
Happy, whose strength in thee doth bide,
And in their hearts thy ways.

They journey on from strength to strength
With joy and gladsome cheer,
Till all before our God at length
In Zion do appear.

For God, the Lord, both sun and shield,
Gives grace and glory bright;
No good from them shall be withheld
Whose ways are just and right.


Dilecta templa sunt tua,
O Sabaoth Deus,
et cara tabernacula,
quis es tu proximus.

Tuorum paene tegminum
amore pereo,
quantumque cor valet meum
caroque, te voco.

Caeli beatos incolas,
qui laudant usque te
viresque habent in te suas,
te suo pectore!

In dies aucto robore
laetantes prodeunt,
Deumque ad nostrum denique
in Zion veniunt.

Est sol et scutum Deus, et
decora dona dat,
nec est quod is ei neget
qui iusta faciat.

MM 22–7.8.00