Latinised Hymns

Almighty Father, who dost give

Almighty Father, who dost give
The gift of life to all who live,
Look down on all earth's sin and strife
And lift us to a nobler life.

Lift up our hearts, O King of Kings,
To brighter hopes and kindlier things,
To visions of a larger good,
And holier dreams of brotherhood.

The world is weary of its pain,
Of selfish greed and fruitless gain,
Of tarnished honour, falsely strong,
And all its ancient deeds of wrong.

Hear thou the prayer thy servants pray
Uprising from all lands to-day,
And, o'er the vanquished powers of sin,
O bring thy great salvation in!

J.H.B. Masterman

Omnipotens Pater Deus,
qui vitam das viventibus,
despiciens sollicitos
ad altiora tolle nos.

In spem, Rex Regum, erigas
et aucta sit benignitas;
bonum noscamus amplius,
ut fratres simus fratribus.

Taedet dolere et esse nos
lucrandi frustra cupidos,
per vim celare dedecus,
qui prava diu gerimus.

Audi surgentes undique
servorum preces hodie;
viresque superans malas
tuam salutem inferas.

MM 14–19.7.00