Latinised Hymns

I praised the earth, in beauty seen

I praised the earth, in beauty seen,
With garlands gay of various green;
I praised the sea, whose ample field
Shone glorious as a silver shield
And earth and ocean seemed to say,
"Our beauties are but for a day."

I praised the sun, whose chariot rolled
On wheels of amber and of gold;
I praised the moon, whose softer eye
Gleamed sweetly through the summer sky
And moon and sun in answer said,
"Our days of light are numbered."

O God, O good beyond compare,
If thus thy meaner works are fair,
If thus thy beauties gild the span
Of ruined earth and sinful man,
How glorious must the mansion be
Where thy redeemed shall dwell with thee!


Probavi terrae viridem
laetamque pulchritudinem,
nec aequoris ea minus
patens argenteum decus;
sunt ambo visa dicere,
"uno nitemus hoc die."

Probavi solis aureis
currum volventibus rotis,
aestivum laudans haud secus
lunare lumen mollius;
sed lux fatetur utraque
dierum terminum fore.

Minora, Deus, haec tua
sunt pulchra tamen opera,
nec inquinat corruptio
quam attulit eis homo;
sed illa praestat omnibus
promissa salvatis domus.

MM 5.12.03