Latinised Hymns

If God build not the house, and lay

If God build not the house, and lay
the groundwork sure, whoever build,
It cannot stand one stormy day;
If God be not the city's shield,
If he be not their bars and wall,
In vain the watch-tower, men and all.

Though then thou wak'st when others rest,
Though rising thou prevent'st the sun,
Though with lean care thou daily feast,
Thy labour's lost and thou undone;
But God his child will feed and keep,
And draw the curtain to his sleep.

P. Fletcher

Sit ventus, occidet domus,
quicumque hominum struet,
fundabit nisi Dominus;
Deus nisi oppidum teget
fietque propugnaculum,
inutile est praesidium.

Sopitos inter vigiles
te sole sublevans prior,
curae cotidie comes,
quo tu, quo tuus is labor?
Suum sed Deus ipse alet
et dormientem conteget.
(nec) (deseret)

MM 5–9.11.98