Latinised Hymns

I'm not ashamed to own my Lord

I'm not ashamed to own my Lord,
Or to defend his cause,
Maintain the honour of his Word,
The glory of his Cross.

Jesus, my God! I know his name,
His name is all my trust;
Nor will he put my soul to shame,
Nor let my hope be lost.

Firm as his throne his promise stands,
And he can well secure
What I've committed to his hands,
Till the decisive hour.

Then will he own my worthless name
Before his Father's face;
And, in the New Jerusalem,
Appoint my soul a place.


Non me pudebit Domini,
eique consulam;
fidem testabor Nuntii
Crucisque gloriam.

Deus mi scitur Jesus, et
huic credo Nomini;
nec animam deiciet,
spem sustinens mihi.

Ut sedes, firma pignora;
potestque efficere
quaequae sunt ei credita
prius discrimine.

Indignum, sed apud Patrem
agnoscet me suum,
assignans in Jerusalem
Nova mihi locum.

MM 1–12.1.02