Latinised Hymns

Immortal love, for ever full

Immortal love, for ever full,
For ever flowing free,
For ever shared, for ever whole,
A never-ebbing sea!

Our outward lips confess the name
All other names above;
Love only knoweth whence it came,
And comprehendeth love.

We may not climb the heavenly steeps
To bring the Lord Christ down;
In vain we search the lowest deeps,
For him no depths can drown.

In joy of inward peace, or sense
Of sorrow over sin,
He is his own best evidence;
His witness is within.

But warm, sweet, tender, even yet
A present help is he;
And faith hath still its Olivet,
And love its Galilee..

The healing of his seamless dress
Is by our beds of pain;
We touch him in life's throng and press,
And we are whole again.

Through him the first fond prayers are said
Our lips of childhood frame;
The last low whispers of our dead
Are burdened with his name.

Alone, O Love ineffable
Thy saving name is given;
To turn aside from thee is hell,
To walk with thee is heaven.


Amoris usque profluus
O fons perpetue!
O mare tot bibentibus

Humana lingua nomen id
fatetur optimum;
sed tibi, amor, sis ipse quid
et unde, est cognitum.

Nequiquarn usque celsius
Christum persequimur,
nec ille sub gurgitibus
profundi mergitur.

In pace mentis intimae
et paenitentia
se monstrat ille signaque
dat intus abdita.

Manent adhuc auxilia
et suavis is calor
fides et Olivetica
Galilausque amor.

Nec eius ista demitur
stola aegrotantibus;
in vulgo tantum tangimur
et convalescimus.

Hunc parvulorum labia
precantum invocant
et morientum murmura
eundem nuncupant.

O amor ineffabilis,
arx una qui clues,
fit orcus abs te deviis,
beantur comites.

MM 15.10–2.11.98