Latinised Hymns

All unseen the Master walketh

All unseen the Master walketh
By the toiling servant's side;
Comfortable words he talketh,
While his hands uphold and guide.

Grief nor pain nor any sorrow
Rends thy breast to him unknown;
He today and he tomorrow
Grace sufficient gives his own.

Holy strivings nerve and strengthen,
Long endurance wins the crown;
When the evening shadows lengthen,
Thou shalt lay thy burden down.


Erus servo laboranti
comes haud conspectus it,
quem cum voce consolanti
fulcit atque dirigit.

Suis ille, qui dolentem
bene te cognoverit,
gratiam sufficientem
cras ut hodie dabit.

Fortis exercendo fies,
vincitur durantibus;,
vesperascet ubi dies,
tuum depones onus.

MM 15–17.9.98