Latinised Hymns

Jerusalem on high

Jerusalem on high
My song amd city is,
My home whene'er I die,
The centre of my bliss:
O happy place!
When shall I be,
My God, with thee,
To see thy face?

There dwells my Lord, my King,
Judged here unfit to live;
There angels to him sing,
And lowly homage give:

The patriarchs of old
There from their travels cease;
The prophets there behold
Their longed-for Prince of Peace:

The Lamb's apostles there
I might with joy behold,
The harpers I might hear
Harping on harps of gold:

The bleeding martyrs, they
Within those courts are found,
Clothed in pure array,
Their scars with glory crowned:

Ah me! ah me! that I
in Kedar's tents here stay:
No place like that on high;
Lord, thither guide my way;
O happy, etc.


Quae Sion est supra
canatur urbs mihi,
futura post mea
focusque gaudii:
felix locus,
si videam
ibi tuam
frontem, Deus!

Rex est ibi meus,
addictus hic neci,
strati quem cantibus
salutant angeli:

Non inde se movent
Moyses et Abraham;
vates ratam vident
spem messianicam.

Agni satellites
quam laetus videam!
Et aureas fides
libens ibi audiam.

Pro Deo saucii
in aulis ibi sunt
notasque splendidi
cum gloria ferunt.

Heu! me tentoria
in Kedar tendere!
maluerim supra:
duc eo, Domine:
felix locus, etc.

MM 20–29.11.99