Latinised Hymns

Jesus lives! thy terrors now

Jesus lives! thy terrors now
can no longer, death, appall us;
Jesus lives! by this we know
thou, O grave, canst not enthrall us.

Jesus lives! henceforth is death
but the gate of life immortal;
this shall calm our trembling breath
when we pass its gloomy portal.

Jesus lives! for us he died;
then, alone to Jesus living,
pure in heart may we abide,
glory to our Saviour giving.

Jesus lives! our hearts know well
nought from us his love shall sever;
life, nor death, nor powers of hell
tear us from his keeping ever.

Jesus lives! to him the throne
over all the world is given:
may we go where he has gone,
rest and reign with him in heaven.

??/F.E. Cox

Vivit Iesus! fugito
letum; neque enim timemus.
Vivit! sine dubio
non barathro serviemus.

Vivit! mors ab hoc die
vitae porta erit mansurae,
nec tremescent animae
quamvis atram transiturae.

Vivit, nobis mortuus;
ei soli nos vivamus;
puris usque cordibus
Salvatorem extollamus.

Vivit! hoc cognovimus:
nil amorem dissipabit;
vita, mors, diabolus
non tutela separabit

Vivit ille! Domino
terris omnibus tributis,
supra pax et ditio
nobis sit eum secutis.

MM 10–18.4.99