Latinised Hymns

Jesus, Lord of life and glory

Jesus, Lord of life and glory,
Bend from heaven thy gracious ear;
While our waiting souls adore thee,
Friend of helpless sinners, hear:
By thy mercy,
O deliver us, good Lord.

From the depths of nature's blindness,
From the hardening power of sin,
From all malice and unkindness,
From the pride that lurks within:

When temptation sorely presses,
In the day of Satan's power,
In our times of deep distresses,
In each dark and trying hour:

When the world around is smiling,
In the time of wealth and ease,
Earthly joys our hearts beguiling,
In the day of health and peace:

In the weary hours of sickness,
In the times of grief and pain,
When we feel our mortal weakness,
When all human help is vain:

In the solemn hour of dying,
In the aweful judgement day,
May our souls, on thee relying,
Find thee still our Rock and stay:
By thy mercy,
O deliver us, good Lord.

J. Cummin

Rex decore, quo spiramus,
nos caelestis audias;
quippe tu, qui te colamus,
peccatores nos amas:
qui sis clemens,
libera nos, Domine.

Caecitatis quod innatae
sumus atque sceleris,
moti nos crudelitate
intus et superbiis,

Cum gravissime temptemur
dominante Satana
cumque curis cruciemur
nocte sub nigerrima:

Mundi bonis otiantes
cum circumdati sumus,
sine morbis exultantes,
gaudiis fallentibus,

Medicinae nos egentes
quando dolor opprimit,
quis, ut sumus impotentes,
ops humana deficit,

Morientes, cumque damus
rationem ludici,
usque in te nos fulciamus
ut in saxo stabili:
qui sis clemens,
libera nos, Domine.

MM 26.6–8.7.00