Latinised Hymns

Jesus, Lord, we look to thee

Jesus, Lord, we look to thee;
Let us in thy name agree;
Show thyself the Prince of Peace;
Bid all strife for ever cease.

By thy reconciling love
Every stumbling-block remove;
Each to each unite, endear;
Come, and spread thy banner here.

Make us of one heart and mind,
Courteous, pitiful and kind,
Lowly, meek in thought and word,
Altogether like our Lord.

Let us each for other care,
Each his brother's burden bear,
To the world a pattern give,
Show how Christ's disciples live.

Free from anger, free from pride,
Let us thus in God abide;
All the depth of love express,
All the height of holiness.


Iesu, nomine tuo
uno simus animo;
Princeps Pacis vere sis:
finem fac certaminis.

Te pellatur arbitro
omnis hinc offensio
atque nos concordiae
sub vexillo cohibe.

Consentire facias,
molliat benignitas
mente et factis humiles
simus tibi compares.

Alteri sollicitus
alter subeat onus,
documentum, quomodo
vivant sancti, populo.

Ira, fastu liberi
simus incolae Dei;
alta amoris detegas,
et quae summa sanctitas.

MM 8–13.8.00