Latinised Hymns

Jesus, these eyes have never seen

Jesus, these eyes have never seen
That radiant form of thins;
The veil of sense hangs dark betveen
Thy blessed face and mine.

I see thee not, I hear thee not,
Yet thou art oft with me;
And earth hath ne'er so dear a spot
As where I meet with thee.

Yet, though I have not seen, and still
Must rest in faith alone,
I love thee, dearest Lord, and will,
Unseen, but not unknown.

When death these mortal eyes shall seal
And still this throbbing heart,
The rending veil shall thee reveal
All glorious as thou art.


O Jesu, corporalitas
sese interposuit
opaca, neve appareas
me teque dividit.

Nec cerno te nec audio,
es saepe sed comes,
carusque locus iste quo
tu praesto latus es.

Cum te parum conspiciam,
qui fide fretus sum,
ut diligo sic diligam
te non incognitum.

Mors hos cum claudet oculos
silueritque cor,
tuum mihi patebit os
et verus is nitor.

MM 27–29.6.99