Latinised Hymns

Jesus, we thus obey

Jesus, we thus obey
Thy last and kindest word;
Here in thine own appointed way
We come to meet thee, Lord.

Our hearts we open wide
To make the Saviour room;
And lo, the Lamb, the Crucified,
The sinner's friend, is come.

Thy presence makes the feast;
Now let our spirits feel
The glory not to be expressed,
The joy unspeakable.

With high and heavenly bliss
Thou dost our spirits cheer;
The house of banqueting is this
And thou hast brought us here.

Now let our souls be fed
With manna from above,
And over us thy banner spread
Of everlasting love.


Paremus, Jesu, sic
benigno iussui
et ultimo, quod hic
occurrimus tibi.

Aperta pectora
Salvator occupet;
en Crucifixus Hostia
et qui reos amet!

Qui sine te cibus?
Sit iam perspicuum
id ineffabile decus,
sublime gaudium.

Summa laetitia
nos hilares facis;
hic sunt triclinia tua
quo nos adduxeris.

Iam manna nutriat
supernum animas;
vexilli more nos tegat
aeterna caritas.

MM 23–26.10.01