Latinised Hymns

Jesus, where'er thy people meet

Jesus, where'er thy people meet,
There they behold thy mercy-seat;
Where'er they seek thee thou art found,
And every place is hallowed ground.

For thou, within no walls confined,
Inhabitest the humble mind;
Such ever bring thee when they come,
And, going, take thee to their home.

Dear Shepherd of thy chosen few,
Thy former mercies here renew;
Here to our waiting hearts proclaim
The sweetness of thy saving name.

Here may we prove the power of prayer
To strengthen faith and sweeten care,
To teach our faint desires to rise,
And bring all heaven before our eyes.

Lord, we are few, but thou art near;
Nor short thine arm, nor deaf thine ear
O rend the heavens, come quickly down,
And make a thousand hearts thine own.


Quoquo tui se congregent,
sedem clementiae vident;
reperte te petentibus,
Iesu, quis haud sacer locus?

Non clausus aedificiis,
mentes summissas incolis:
ferentes quaqua veniunt,
euntes te domum vehunt.

Qui lecta pascis pecora,
priorem gratiam nova; *
monstretur exspectantibus
hic Salvatoris titulus.

Hic et sciatur per precem
foveri cor, ali fidem:
sic altiora cupimus,
caelum fit inspectantibus.

Pauci sumus, sed tu subes,
nec vi nec auribus cares; **
descende nunc per aethera,***
et mille corda fac tua.

MM 6–12.5.00

* clementias redintegra
** tu fortis neque surdus es
*** descendens divide aethera