Latinised Hymns

Lord, as to thy dear Cross we flee

Lord, as to thy dear Cross we flee,
And plead to be forgiven,
So let thy life our pattern be,
And form our souls for heaven.

Help us, through good report and ill,
Our daily cross to bear;
Like thee, to do our Father's will,
Our brethren's griefs to share.

Let grace our selfishness expel,
Our earthliness refine,
And kindness in our bosoms dwell
As free and true as thine.

If joy shall at thy bidding fly,
And grief's dark day come on,
We in our turn would meekly cry,
"Father, thy will be done."

Kept peaceful in the midst of strife,
Forgiving and forgiven,
O may we lead the pilgrim's life,
And follow thee to heaven.

J.H. Gurney

Fac, ut ad Crucem fugimus
petentes veniam,
nos animis caelestibus
ad speciem tuam.

Bene audiamus aut male,
dum cruces tollimus,
da Patris iussa facere,
conflere fratribus.

Nobis studere nos vetet
purgetque gratia,
nostrumque pectus occupet
benignitas tua.

Cum maesta te iubente nox
laetitiam fuget,
haec nostra sit submissa vox
"Sit ut tibi placet."

Pacati prae pugnantibus,
culpando liberi,
sequamur te superius,
hic tibi dediti.

MM 20–24.11.00