Latinised Hymns

Lord, I would own thy tender care

Lord, I would own thy tender care,
And all thy love to me;
The food I eat, the clothes I wear,
Are all bestowed by thee.

'Tis thou preservest me from death
And dangers every hour;
I cannot draw another breath
Unless thou give me power.

Kind angels guard me every night,
As round my bed they stay;
Nor am I absent from thy sight
In darkness or by day.

My health and friends and parents dear
To me by God are given;
I have not any blessing here
But what is sent from heaven.

Such goodness, Lord, and constant care
I never can repay;
But may it be my daily prayer,
To love thee and obey.

Jane Taylor

O Domine, confiteor
favere te mihi:
quo nutrior. quo vestior,
id debeo tibi.

Diurno me periculo
ne moriar tegis:
spirare plane nequeo
ni posse tu facis.

Me dormientem angeli
circum custodiunt,
nec oculi, sit nox, tui,
sit lux, me neglegunt.

Salus, amicus et parens
(nam donat hos Deus),
quocumque laetor, veniens
est omne caelitus.

Est tanta caritas tua,
non umquam redderem;
sed sit diurna prex mea
ut serviens amem.

MM 11–15.8.01