Latinised Hymns

And now the wants are told, that brought

And now the wants are told, that brought
Thy children to thy knee;
Here lingering still, we ask for nought,
But simply worship thee.

The hope of heaven's eternal days
Absorbs not all the heart
That gives thee glory, love and praise,
For being what thou art.

For thou art God, the One, the Same,
O'er all things high and bright;
And round us, when we speak thy name,
There spreads a heaven of light.

O wondrous peace, in thought to dwell
On excellence divine;
To know that nought in man can tell
How fair thy beauties shine!

O thou, above all blessing blest,
O'er thanks exalted far,
Thy very greatness is a rest
To weaklings as we are;

For when we feel the praise of thee
A task beyond our powers,
We say, "A perfect God is he,
And he is fully ours."

All glory to the Father be,
All glory to the Son,
All glory, Holy Ghost, to thee,
While endless ages run.

W. Bright

Id quod petentes venimus
audisti, Domine;
manetur hic diutius
ut veneremur te.

Non sola aeternitatis spes
cor nostrum occupat:
ut laudet te qui sis quod es,
huic quoque cor vacat.

Es Unus, Immutabilis,
nec quicquam tibi par;
tuique dictu nominis
caeleste fit iubar.

Te contemplamur optimum:
(O quae serenitas!),
qui praeter mentes hominum
pulchre refulgeas.

O maior et beatior
quam cui sint gratiae,
invalidos tuus vigor
sinit quiescere.

Quid laudi si deficimus
(tu nempe tantus es)?
At plane noster es Deus
et integer manes.

Sit gloria, Pater, tibi
una cum Filio,
et gloria Spiritui
privata termino.

MM 30.9–9.10.01