Latinised Hymns

Lord, teach us how to pray aright

Lord, teach us how to pray aright
With reverence and with fear;
Though dust and ashes in thy sight,
We may, we must, draw near.

We perish if we cease from prayer:
0 grant us power to pray;
And, when to meet thee we prepare,
Lord, meet us by the way.

God of all grace, we bring to thee
A broken, contrite heart;
Give what thine eye delights to see,
Truth in the inward part;

Faith in the only Sacrifice
That can for sin atone,
To cast our hopes, to fix our eyes,
On Christ, on Christ alone;

Patience to watch and wait and weep,
Though mercy long delay;
Courage our fainting souls to keep,
And trust thee though thou slay.

Give these, and then thy will be done;
Thus, strengthened with all might,
We, through thy Spirit and thy Son,
Shall pray, and pray aright.

J. Montgomery

Rite et cum reverentia
orare nos doce;
sumus tibi cinis mera,
sed ire fas prope.

Dempta prece peribimus:
potentem fac eam,
et obviam euntibus
i nobis obviam.

Contritas tibi ferimus
et fractas animas;
sit nobis, qua gaudes, Deus,
interna veritas.

Uni fidamus hostiae,
peccata qui luat,
et oculosque votaque
Christus retineat.

Feramus, at cum fletibus,
seram clementiam
et exigentem haud secus
te poenam ultimam.

Sic fiat ut placet tibi,
potentiumque ope
nos Spiritus et Filii
orabimus bene.

MM 16–25.3.00