Latinised Hymns

Lord, to thy loving arms

Lord, to thy loving arms
Our brother we restore,
Where neither sin nor sorrow harms
Upon the further shore.

He dwells in peace above,
Where never care may come;
The soul that thou didst lend in love,
In love thou callest home.

Lord, when we sorrow most,
Then most one flock are we;
We grow not fewer, though the host
Step one by one to thee.

Whate'er befall, at length
Thus to thy heart we come;
Ah, lead us on from strength to strength;
Then draw us gently home.


Hunc tibi redditum
benignus accipe
dolore et culpa liberum
in isto margine.

Supra nunc habitat
curis impervius;
te commodante venerat,
tu revocas bonus.

Sit dolor maximus,
tum vere iungimur;
nec singulis migrantibus
cohors minuitur.

Quodcumque eveniet,
tu nos suscipies;
fac fortiores semper et
postremo reduces.

MM 23.8–4.9.98