Latinised Hymns

Angel-voices ever singing

Angel-voices ever singing
Round thy throne of light,
Angel-harps for ever ringing,
Rest not day nor night;
Thousands only live to bless thee
And confess thee
Lord of might.

Thou who art beyond the farthest
Mortal eye can scan,
Can it be that thou regardest
Songs of sinful man?
Can we know that thou art near us,
And wilt hear us?
Yea, we can.

Yea, we know that thou rejoicest
O'er each work of thine;
Thou didst ears and hands and voices
For thy praise design;
Craftsman's art and music's measure
For thy pleasure
All combine.

In thy house, great God, we offer
Of thine own to thee;
And for thine acceptance proffer
All unworthily
Hearts and minds and hands and voices
In our choicest

Honour, glory, might and merit
Thine shall ever be,
Father, Son, and Holy spirit,
Blessed Trinity!
Of the best that thou hast given
Earth and heaven
Render thee.


Cingunt angeli canentes
thronum lucidum,
chordis, ut diem, replentes
noctis spatium;
mille vivunt ut beent te
et vocent te

Qui nostrorum oculorum
expers habitas,
canticum-ne peccatorum
est ut audias?
Vere prope nos te stare
et notare

Quae creasti, certe gaudes,
scimus, omnibus;
ad tuas directa laudes
auris, vox, manus:
iunctum tibi cantatorum
et fabrorum
est opus.

Apud te qui tibi damus
de tuis, Deus,
accepturum te speramus
quod offerimus,
voces, manus, corda, mentes,

Fas honoribus coli te
semper, quodque das,
Pater, Fili, Paraclite,
sancta Trinitas,
terra caelis usurpatum
rursus datum

MM 5–13.10.99