Latinised Hymns

Now the labourer's task is o'er

Now the labourer's task is o'er,
Now the battle day is past;
Now upon the farther shore
Lands the voyager at list:
Father, in thy gracious keeping
Leave we now thy servant sleeping.

There the tears of earth are dried,
There its hidden things are clear;
There the work of life is tried
By a juster Judge than here:

There the sinful souls, that turn
To the Cross their dying eyes,
All the love of Christ shall learn
At his feet in Paradise:

There no more the powers of hell
Can prevail to mar their peace;
Christ the Lord shall guard them well,
He who died for their release:

'Earth to earth, and dust to dust,'
Calmly now the words we say,
Leaving him to sleep in trust
Till the resurrection-day:
Father, in etc.


Nunc peractus est labor
et finita proelia,
ripa nunc ulterior
est petenti praebita:
scimus, Pater, te clementem;
hunc tuere dormientem.

Ibi cedunt lacrimae,
se celata detegunt;
iustiore iudice
facta iudicanda sunt:

Qui Crucem spectaverit
mortis in articulo
amor quid divinus sit
discet in elysio:

Ibi regis inferi
pax exempta viribus;
sunt in manu Domini
quos salvavit mortuus:

"Pulvis pulverem petit"
adfirmamus placidi
"dumque resurrexerit
dormit creditus tibi":
scimus, Pater, etc.

MM 8–11.3.98