Latinised Hymns

O Father, by whose sovereign sway

O Father, by whose sovereign sway
The sun and stars in order move,
Yet who hast made us bold to say
Thy nature and thy name is love:

O royal Son, whose every deed
Showed love and love's divinity,
Yet didst not scorn the humblest need
At Cana's feast in Galilee:

O Holy Spirit, who didst speak
In saint and sage since time began,
Yet givest courage to the weak
And teachest love to selfish man:

Be present in our hearts to-day,
All powerful to bless, and give
To these thy children grace that they
May love, and through their loving live.


O Pater, imperante quo
suus stellarum est tenor,
sed idem adsensu tuo
vocaris, id quod es, Amor:

rex Filius, quicquid facis,
curam divinam exhibes,
nec Galilaeis epulis
prodesse dedignatus es:

qui tot in aevis, Spiritus,
vatum per ora loqueris,
virtutem das imbellibus,
amare et alteros facis:

beatrix tota Trinitas,
adsis cum gratia beans
horum tuorum nuptias,
amore eos vivificans.

MM 1–6.5.98