Latinised Hymns

O Jesu, blessed Lord, to thee

O Jesu, blessed Lord, to thee
My heartfelt thanks for ever be,
Who hast so lovingly bestowed
On me thy Body and thy Blood.

Break forth, my soul, for joy, and say,
What wealth is come to me to-day!
My Saviour dwells within me now;
"How blest am I! How good art thou!'

T. Kingo/AJ.Mason

Ex corde tibi, Domine,
meae debentur gratiae,
largito, quod acciperem,
tua cum carne sanguinem.

Quin gloriaris, anime:
"Ut sum ditatus hodie!"
Locaris intra me, Deus.
"Beatus ego! Tu bonus!"

MM 18.5.98