Latinised Hymns

O Lord of Life, whose power sustains

O Lord of Life, whose power sustains
The world unseen no less than this –
One family in him who reigns,
Triumphant over death, in bliss;
To thee with thankfulness we pray
For all our valiant dead today.

As nature's healing through the years
Reclothes the stricken battlefields;
So mercy gives us joy for tears,
And grief to proud remembrance yields,
And mindful hearts are glad to keep
A tryst of love with them that sleep.

Not names engraved in marble make
The best memorials of the dead,
But burdens shouldered for their sake
And tasks completed in their stead;
A braver faith and stronger prayers,
Devouter worship, nobler cares.

O help us in the silence, Lord,
To hear the whispered call of love,
And day by day thy strength afford
Our work to do, our faith to prove.
So be thy blessing richly shed
On our communion with our dead.


O Vitae Domine Deus,
nos haud visosque sustinens
quos unum reddidit genus
Rex victa morte gestiens,
oramus te cum gratiis
pro nostris bene mortuis.

Ut agrum marte perditum
resumit postea seges,
mutamus fletu gaudium
pulso dolore memores,
amatis et concurrimus
laetantes dormientibus.

Inscripto marmore minus
memoriae consulitur
quam coepta si suscipimus
officioque fungimur;
crescat fides, sit prex potens,
et curet altiora mens.

Fac audiatur, Domine,
susurrans tacitis amor,
tuaque vi cotidie
fides probetur et labor;
beetur et nutu tuo
cum mortuis communio.

MM 20–26.1.01