Latinised Hymns

A safe stronghold our God is still,

A safe stronghold our God is still,
A trusty shield and weapon;
He'll help us clear from all the ill
That hath us now o'ertaken.
The ancient prince of hell
Hath risen with purpose fell;
Strong mail of craft and power
He weareth in this hour;
On earth is not his fellow.

With force of arms we nothing can;
Full soon were we down-ridden;
But for us fights the proper Man,
Whom God himself hath bidden.
Ask ye, who is this same?
Christ Jesus is his name,
The Lord Sabaoth's Son;
He, and no other one,
Shall conquer in the battle.

And were this world all devils o'er,
And watching to devour us,
Lay it not to heart so sore;
Nor can they overpower us.
And let the prince of ill
Look grim as e'er he will,
He harms us not a whit:
For why, his doom is writ;
A word shall quickly slay him.

God's word, for all their craft and force,
One moment will not linger,
But, spite of hell, shall have its course;
'Tis written by his finger.
And though they take our life,
Goods, honour, children, wife,
Yet is their profit small;
These things shall vanish all;
The city of God remaineth.


Scutum Deus cum gladio
et forte munimentum,
omnique expediet malo
quod nobis est intenturn.
Rex infernorum stat,
qui dira cogitat,
vi cinctus et dolis:
est nemo similis
terrestri gente natus.

Per arma nihil possumus,
nam pessum sic iremus;
sed nobis a Deo datus
est hominum supremus:
si nomen quaeritis,
est Jesus Christus is,
Conductor Agminum:
nurm scitis alium
in proelio victorem?

Si mille nos diaboli
vorare destinabunt,
non erimus perterriti,
nec illi nos domabunt;
non rex malitiae
ferus formidine
nocere poterit:
iam se damnatum scit,
quem verbulum prosternet.

Non possunt Verbum laedere,
et opus est ingratum:
Divinum nos in acie
recipirnus afflatum.
Despolient bonis,
uxore, liberis;
cum vita, tum decus
cedatur hostibus:
e Regno non pellemur.

MM 8–13.4.98