Latinised Hymns

Once, only once, and once for all

Once, only once, and once for all,
His precious life he gave;
Before the Cross our spirits fall,
And own it strong to save.

One Offering, single and complete,"
With lips and heart we say;
But what he never can repeat
He shows forth day by day.

For, as the priest of Aaron's line
Within the Holiest stood,
And sprinkled all the mercy-shrine
With sacrificial blood;

So he who once atonement wrought,
Our Priest of endless power,
presents himself for those he bought
In that dark noontide hour.

His Manhood pleads where now it lives
On heaven's eternal throne,
And where in mystic rite he gives
Its Presence to his own.

And so we show thy Death, O Lord,
Till thou again appear;
And feel, when we approach thy board,
We have an altar here.

All glory to the Father be,
All glory to the Son,
All glory, Holy Ghost, to thee,
While endless ages run.

W. Bright

Semel, semel nec saepius
vitam dedit suam;
crucem prostrati colimus
ut salutiferam.

"Semel se totum obtulit"
ex corde dicimus;
et iterare quod nequit
diurnum fit opus.

Ut pontifex Leviticus
in adyto stetit,
et victimarum haustibus
sacellum maduit,

sic nos aeternus antistes
piator vindicat,
quos emit cum meridies
opertus fuerat.

Humanus is supra sedens
ibi intercessor fit,
et hic mysterium gerens
praesentem se facit.

Praestamus hostiam Deum
donec revenerit,
et eius hic triclinium
altare nobis fit.

Sit nunc ubique Filio
cum Patre gloria,
sit gloria Paraclito
nunc et per saecula.

MM 7–18.8.97