Latinised Hymns

Our day of praise is done

Our day of praise is done;
The evening shadows fall;
But pass not from us with the sun,
True Light that lightenest all.

Around the throne on high,
Where night can never be,
The white-robed harpers of the sky
Bring ceaseless hymns to thee.

Too faint our anthems here;
Too soon of praise we tire:
But O the strains how full and clear
Of that eternal choir!

Yet, Lord, to thy dear will
If thou attune the heart,
We in thine angels' music still
May bear our lower part.

'Tis thine each soul to calm,
Each wayward thought reclaim,
And make our life a daily psalm
Of glory to thy name.

A little while, and then
Shall come the glorious end;
And songs of angels and of men
In perfect praise shall blend.

J. Ellerton

Sub noctis tenebras
laudem confecimus:
ne tu cum sole lateas,
qui luces omnibus.

Tenebrae non erunt
ubi altus tu sedes
et candidati te canunt
usque fidicines.

Nos aegre canimus
(laudandi mox piget),
caelestis ille sed chorus
mirandum(st) ut sonet.

Sed corda, Domine,
si modulaberis,
voces licet subiungere
nostras angelicis.

Pacatas animas
in via rexeris,
vitamque psalma facias
decusque nominis.

Condentur saecula,
citoque tempus it,
commixta cum angelica
et nostra laus erit.

MM 19–22.7.00