Latinised Hymns

Out of the deep I call

Out of the deep I call
To thee, O Lord, to thee:
Before thy throne of grace I fall:
Be merciful to me.

Out of the deep I cry,
The woeful deep of sin,
Of evil done in days gone by,
Of evil now within.

Out of the deep of fear,
And dread of coming shame,
From morning watch till night is near
I plead the precious name.

Lord, there is mercy now,
As ever was, with thee;
Before thy throne of grace I bow:
Be merciful to me.

H.W. Baker (Ps 130)

Ex imo gurgite
clamo, Deus, tibi
ad gratiae thronum tuae:
misereat mei.

Accipias sonum
e gurgite mali
(ut anteactorum scelerum
ita intus nunc novi).

E gurgite (metum
pudoris sentio),
dies quam longa, titulum
Salvantis invoco.

Inest, ut antea,
clementia tibi;
subiectum me throno nota:
misereat mei.

MM 6–13.11.99