Latinised Hymns

Palms of glory, raiment bright

Palms of glory, raiment bright,
Crowns that never fade away,
Gird and deck the sons of light:
Priests and kings and conquerors they.

Yet the conquerors bring their palms
To the Lamb amidst the throne,
And proclaim in joyful psalms
Victory through his Cross alone.

Kings for harps their crowns resign,
Crying, as they strike the chords,
"Take the Kingdom, it is thine,
King of Kings and Lord of Lords."

Round the altar priests confess,
If their robes are white as snow,
'Twas the Saviour 's righteousness,
And his Blood, that made them so.

They were mortal too like us:
0, when we like them must die,
May our souls translated thus
Triumph, reign, and shine on high.


Vestis et palmae nitent
neque marcent apices,
luminosi quos habent
victor princeps antistes.

Ad pedes Agni suam
palmam victor proicit
unicaeque debitam
gloriam Cruci canit.

Positis apicibus
tractant principes lyras:
"Dominorum Dominus,
Regum" clamant "Rex regas!"

Antistes aras prope
factam esse niveam
Salvatoris sanguine
stolam indicat suam.

Nos, ut haud eis minus
moriemur, mortui
supra triumphantibus
splendeamus additi.

MM 17–21.6.97