Latinised Hymns

Praise we the Lord this day,

Praise we the Lord this day,
this day so long foretold,
whose promise shone with cheering ray
on waiting saints of old.

The prophet gave the sign
for faithful men to read:
a virgin born of David's line
shall bear the promised seed.

Ask not how this should be,
but worship and adore,
like her whom heaven's Majesty
came down to shadow o'er.

Meekly she bowed her head
to hear the gracious word,
Mary, the pure and lowly maid,
the favoured of the Lord.

Blessed shall be her name
in all the Church on earth,
through whom that wondrous mercy came,
the incarnate Saviour's birth.

Jesus, the Virgin's Son,
we praise thee and adore,
who art with God the Father one
and Spirit evermore.


Praedicta Dominum
laudemus hac die
quae cor laetavit veterum
promisso lumine.

Clarum credentibus
propheta cecinit:
Virgo, Davidicum genus,
promissum parturit.

Ne quaere quomodo:
sat venerari sit,
decore ut illa supero
umbrata paruit.

Auditur Virgini
summisse nuntius
purae Mariae humili,
cui favit Dominus,

beato nomine
piis ab omnibus,
unde est, exemplum gratiae,
Salvator genitus.

Tibi, Orte Virgine,
deflectimus genu,
unite cum Deo Patre
Sanctoque Spiritu.

MM 14–24.1.01