Latinised Hymns

Rejoice, O land, in God thy might

Rejoice, O land, in God thy might,
his will obey, him serve aright;
for thee the saints uplift their voice:
fear not, O land, in God rejoice.

Glad shalt thou be, with blessing crowned,
with joy and peace thou shalt abound;
yea, love with thee shall make his home
until thou see God's kingdom come.

He shall forgive thy sins untold:
remember thou his love of old;
walk in his way, his word adore,
and keep his truth for evermore.

R. Bridges

O terra, gaudeas Deo,
oboediens imperio.
Sanctorum audis nenias:
confisa Deo gaudeas!

Beata delectaberis
et pace te circumdabis;
sedebit tecum caritas
dum regnum Dei videas.

Peccanti veniam dabit:
nonne olim is amor fuit?
Fac eius iussa sint rata
et veritas perpetua.

MM 16–23.10.99