Latinised Hymns

Round me falls the night

Round me falls the night;
Saviour, be my light:
Through the hours in darkness shrouded
Let me see thy face unclouded;
Let thy glory shine
In this heart of mine.

Earthly work is done,
Earthly sounds are none;
Rest in sleep and silence seeking,
Let me hear thee softly speaking;
In my spirit's ear
Whisper, "I am near."

Blessed, heavenly Light,
Shining through earth's night;
Voice, that oft of love hast told me;
Arms, so strong to clasp and hold me;
Thou thy watch wilt keep,
Saviour, o'er my sleep.

W. Romanis

Cincto tenebris
lux, Salvator, sis;
videatur nocte plena
tua facies serena;
sitque interior
tuus hic nitor.

Nullus est sonus;
actumst omne opus;
sine requiem petentem
dulce audire te loquentem:
cordi dic meo
"adsum hic ego."

Lux caelestis et
cui nox locum det,
Vox amoris praedicator,
Brachiumque sustentator,
dormientem me
vigilans tene.

MM 23.9–4.10.01