Latinised Hymns

See the destined day arise!

See the destined day arise!
See, a willing sacrifice,
Jesus, to redeem our loss,
Hangs upon the shameful Cross!

Jesu, who but thou had borne,
Lifted on that Tree of scorn,
Every pang and bitter throe,
Finishing thy life of woe?

Who but thou had dared to drain,
Steeped in gall, that cup of pain,
And with tender body bear
Thorns and nails and piercing spear?

Thence the cleansing water flowed,
Mingled from thy side with blood:
Sign to all attesting eyes
Of the finished Sacrifice.

Holy Jesu, grant us grace
In that Sacrifice to place
All our trust for life renewed,
Pardoned sin, and promised good.

Bp R. Mant

Ecce! die debita,
non invitus hostia,
Jesus nostro nomine
turpi pendet a Cruce.

Ecquis, Jesu, praeter te,
ista spretus arbore,
mortem, quae te finiit
saeva, ferre potuit,

exhaurire poculum
ausus et fel additum,
membra punctus tenera
spinis, clavis, lancea?

Cuius unda latere
fluxit mixta sanguine,
testibus indicium
quod completum est Sacrum.

Quo fidamus per tuam,
Pie Jesu, gratiam,
quis promissa sint bona,
nova vita et venia.

MM 11–16.4.01