Latinised Hymns

Author of life divine

Author of life divine,
Who hast a table spread,
Furnished with mystic Wine
And everlasting Bread,
Preserve the life thyself hast given,
And feed and train us up for heaven.

Our needy souls sustain
With fresh supplies of love,
Till all thy life we gain,
And all thy fulness prove,
And, strengthened by thy perfect grace,
Behold without a veil thy face.

J. Wesley

Vivificans Deus,
durabilem cibum
praebens hospitibus
vinumque mysticum,
vitam dedisti: sustine;
futuros caelites ale.

Egentes repleas
amoris fontibus;
vivosque facias
sisque omnis agnitus;
sis gratiosus, atque des
ut videare qualis es.

MM 20–25.6.01