Latinised Hymns

Sometimes a light surprises

Sometimes a light surprises
The Christian while he sings:
It is the Lord who rises
With healing in his wings;
When comforts are declining,
He grants the soul again
A season of clear shining
To cheer it after rain.

In holy contemplation
We sweetly then pursue
The theme of God's salvation,
And find it ever new:
Set free from present sorrow,
We cheerfully can say,
E'en let the unknown morrow
Bring with it what it may,

It can bring with it nothing
But he will bear us through;
Who gives the lilies clothing
Will clothe his people too:
Beneath the spreading heavens
No creature but is fed;
And he who feeds the ravens
Will give his children bread.

Though vine nor fig-tree neither
Their wonted fruit should bear,
Though all the fields should wither,
Nor flocks nor herds be there;
Yet, God the same abiding,
His praise shall tune my voice;
For, while in him confiding,
I cannot but rejoice.


Quondam iubar miratur
canens homo pius,
cum Deus oriatur
alis medentibus,
qui minuit dolorem,
si crevit, animi
brevemque dat nitorem,
solamen pluvii.

Salvantem praedicare
tum nos eum iuvat,
nec invenimus quare
dicandi taedeat.
Sic hodie laborum
beate liberi
quid cras sit eventurum
loquamur inscii:

"Malorum crastinorum
effugium dabit
amictor liliorum
qui nos vestiverit.
Escarum praebitor vos,
quot estis, sustinet:
si pascit ille corvos,
num natos negleget?"

Nec ficus neque vitis
carpenda praebeat
et sit Pales immitis
pecusque supprimat:
*eundem hunc manentem
laudabit os meum,*
nec fallet me fidentem
in eo gaudium.

MM 4–11.1.98

*eundem se gerentem
laudabo Dominum,*