Latinised Hymns

The Lord is our refuge, the Lord is our guide

The Lord is our refuge, the Lord is our guide,
We smile upon danger with him at our side;
The billows may roll and the tempest increase;
Though earth may be shaken, his saints shall have peace.

Be near us, Redeemer, to shield us from ill;
Speak thou but the word, and the tempest is still;
Thy presence to cheer us, thine arm to defend,
No foe shall affright us with thee for a Friend.

'The Lord is our helper: ye scorners, be awed;
Ye earthlings, be still, and acknowledge your Lord;
The proud he will humble, the lowly defend:
O, happy the people with God for a Friend!


Ductor Deus est; ad eum fugimus:
ridenda pericla facit Dominus;
si creverit unda procellaque, fit
sanctis requies, ubi terra tremit.

Adsiste, Redemptor; abito malum;
loquare, dabitque procella locum;
tutela tuis validusque comes,
ne terreat hostis, Amicus ades.

Agnoscite, terrigenae, Dominum:
eius male temnitur auxilium;
extollit is ima, superba premit.
Felix genus, is cui Amicus erit!

MM 20–26.9.00