Latinised Hymns

The Lord is risen indeed!

The Lord is risen indeed!
Now is his work performed;
Now is the mighty captive freed,
And death's strong castle stormed.

The Lord is risen indeed!
Then hell has lost its prey;
With him is risen the ransomed seed
To reign in endless day.

The Lord is risen indeed!
He lives, to die no more;
He lives, the sinner's cause to plead,
Whose curse and shame he bore.

The Lord is risen indeed!
Attending angels, hear!
Up to the courts of heaven with speed
The joyful tidings bear.

Then take your golden lyres,
And strike each cheerful chord;
Join, all ye bright celestial choirs,
To sing our risen Lard.


Est ortus Dominus,
finita et opera,
captivus extra redditus,
arx mortis eruta.

Est ortus Dominus!
Dest praeda tartaro.
Stat emptus una populus
regnans perpetuo.

Est ortus Dominus!
Nec cadet iterum,
patronus peccatoribus,
quis subiit iugum.

Est ortus Dominus!
Attendite, angeli!
Ascendat cito nuntius
ad atria Dei.

Nunc vos, fidicines,
delectet psallere,
ortumque Christum, caelites
chori, concinite.

MM 16–23.4.01