Latinised Hymns

Thee, living Christ, our eyes behold

Thee, living Christ, our eyes behold
Amid thy Church appearing,
All girt about thy breast with gold
And bright apparel wearing;
Thy countenance is burning light,
A sun that shineth in his might:
Lord Christ, we see thy glory.

Thy glorious feet have sought and found
Thy sons of every nation;
Thine everlasting voice doth sound
The call of our salvation;
Thine eyes of flame do search and scan
The whole outspreading realm of man:
Lord Christ, we see thy glory.

O risen Christ, who art alive,.
Amid thy Church abiding,
Who dost thy Blood and Body give
New life and strength providing,
We join in heavenly company
To sing thy praise triumphantly:
For we have seen thy glory.

E.R. Morgan

Hic, Christe, te conspicimus
nos inter apparentem
fulgentibusque vestibus
et aureis nitentem;
lucens et ardet os tuum
ut sol potens at splendidum:
videmus te decorum.

Ubique pulchro cum pede
tu tuos indagaris,
vocatque nos perpetue
vox ista salutaris;
luminibusque flammeis
humana cuncta perspicis:
videmus te decorum.

O Christe, redivivum te
nos inter habitantem
cum Corpore tum Sanguine
vitam et vim novantem
laudantes nos coniungimus
cum angelis ovantibus,
quem vidimus decorum.

MM 26–28.7.01