Latinised Hymns

There is a blessed home

There is a blessed home
Beyond this land of woe,
Where trials never come,
Nor tears of sorrow flow;
Where faith is lost in sight,
And patient hope is crowned,
And everlasting light
Its glory throws around.

There is a land of peace,
Good angels know it well;
Glad songs that never cease
Within its portals swell;
Around its glorious throne
Ten thousand saints adore
Christ, with the Father one
And Spirit, evermore.

Look up, ye saints of God,
Nor fear to tread below
The path your Saviour trod
Of daily toil and woe;
Wait but a little while
In uncomplaining love,
His own most gracious smile
Shall welcome you above.


Beata domus est
non hoc sub aethere,
tormentum unde abest
absuntque lacrimae;
cedit fides rei,
speratum evenit;
aeterna lux ibi
splendorem digerit.

Tranquilla regio
supernis cognita;
eo neque a loco
recedunt cantica;
et solio Deum
laudant circumdati,
ut Trinum, Unicum
sanctorum plurimi.

Heus! comites Dei,
per duram hic viam
audete vos sequi
a Christo transitam;
manete vos modo
amare neu gravet:
is vultu mox bono
supra suscipiet.

MM 8–16.10.00