Latinised Hymns

There is no sorrow, Lord, too light

There is no sorrow, Lord, too light
To bring in prayer to thee;
There is no anxious care too slight
To wake thy sympathy.

Thou who hast trod the thorny road
Wilt share each small distress;
The love which bore the greater load
Will not refuse the less.

There is no secret sigh we breathe
But meets thine ear divine;
And every cross grows light beneath
The shadow, Lord, of thine.

Life's ills without, sin's strife within,
The heart would overflow,
But for that love which died for sin,
That love which wept for woe.


Tam parvus ecquis est dolor
de quo non sint preces
aut ulla cura levior
quam ut tu toleres?

Feres, viae tu, luctulum,
viator spineae;
onus tulisti maximum,
non abnues leve.

Exaudis tu suspirium,
clam etsi fuerit,
nec ullum non patibulum
prae tuo lene fit.

Ne culpa premat animas
cum aegrimoniis,
tu morte culpam dissipas
et fles cum animis.

MM 13–22.10.00