Latinised Hymns

They whose course on earth is o'er

They whose course on earth is o'er,
Think they of their brethren more?
They before the throne who bow,
Feel they for their brethren now?

We by enemies distrest,
They in Paradise at rest;
We the captives, they the freed -
We and they are one indeed.

Those whom many a land divides,
Many mountains, many tides,
Have they with eachother part,
Fellowship of heart with heart?

Each to each may be unknown,
Wide apart their lots be thrown;
Differing tongues their lips may speak,
One be strong, and one be weak:

Yet in Sacrament and prayer
Each with other hath a share;
Hath a share in tear and sigh,
Watch and fast and litany.

Saints departed even thus
Hold communion with us;
Still with us, beyond the veil
Praising, pleading, without fail.

With them still our hearts we raise,
Share their work and join their praise,
Rendering worship, thanks and love
To the Trinity above.


An qui vita functi sunt
comitum meminerunt?
Estne cura comitum
stratis ante solium?

Mala nos sollicitant,
illi cum Deo cubant
liberati iam, sed i
sunt eiusdem populi.

Montibus et maribus
cum findatur populus,
inter partes varias
est tamen societas.

Nulla sit scissis loco
mutua cognitio,
utque linguae dissident
vires ita discrepent;

inter se participant
quotiens sacrificant
vigiles cum lacrimis,
precibus, ieiuniis.

At ligantur haud secus
mortui viventibus,
nec, si velum dividit,
prex eorum deficit.

Iunctis ergo laudibus
sursum corda tollimus
agimusque, Trinitas
Sancta, tibi gratias.

MM 2–12.1.00