Latinised Hymns

This is the day of light

This is the day of light:
Let there be light today;
O Dayspring, rise upon our night,
And chase its gloom away.

This is our day of rest:
Our failing strength renew;
On weary brain and troubled breast
Shed thou thy freshening dew.

This is the day of peace:
Thy peace our spirits fill;
Bid thou the blasts of discord cease,
The waves of strife be still.

This is the day of prayers
Let earth to heaven draw near;
Lift up our hearts to seek thee there,
Come down to meet us here.

This is the first of days:
Send forth thy quickening breath,
And wake dead souls to love and praise,
O vanquisher of death,

J. Ellerton

Haec dies luminis
sit lumen hodie;
quin noctem tu, sol, inruis
pulsa caligine?

Haec dies otii:
minutam vim nova
et roris infundas tui
in fessa pectora.

Est pacis haec dies:
nos pacis impleas
discordiasque dissipes
litesque comprimas.

Haec est dies precis:
sit caelum propius;
ad nos huc tu descenderis,
quem ibi petimus.

Est primus hic dies:
adflans vivifica;
defunctos (victor mortis es)
ad laudem excita.

MM 12–15.12.00