Latinised Hymns

Thou to whom the sick and dying

Thou to whom the sick and dying
Ever came, nor came in vain,
Still with healing word replying
To the wearied cry of pain,
Hear us, Jesu, as we meet
Suppliants at thy mercy-seat.

Still the weary, sick, and dying
Need a brother's, sister's, care,
On thy higher help relying
May we now their burden share,
Bringing all our offerings meet
Suppliants at thy mercy-seat.

May each child of thine be willing,
Willing both in hand and heart,
All the law of love fulfilling,
Ever comfort to impart;
Ever bringing offerings meet
Suppliant to thy mercy-seat.

So may sickness, sin, and sadness
To thy healing virtue yield,
Till the sick and sad, in gladness,
Rescued, ransomed, cleansèd, healed,
One in thee together meet,
Pardoned at thy judgement-seat.


Prope mortem aegrotantes
apte qui sanaveris,
adhuc fessos invocantes
alma voce suscipis:
nos exaudias tuae
indigos clementiae.

Fratres et sorores simus
fessis aegrotantibus;
ope tua gesserimus
grave quod portant onus,
offerentes hoc tuae
debitum clementiae.

Demus operam libentes
(cor libens sit et manus)
caritatis audientes
offeramus hoc tuae
debitum clementiae.

Cum doloribus virtuti
culpa tuae cesserit:
omni vitio soluti,
quos aerumna deprimit,
iudicati tum tuae
coeant clementiae.

MM 26.8–14.9.01