Latinised Hymns

Thou Wind of God, whose coming stirred

Thou Wind of God, whose coming stirred
A world as yet unmade,
And things, which were not, woke and heard
And answered and obeyed;

By thee the lives that live and move
In earth and sea began,
And human thought and human love
Lit up the heart of man;

Until thou camest, Holy One,
In Jesus' heart to dwell,
That man, in him, might be a son
And please the Father well.

O thou, who from the Father art,
Upon our spirits move,
Until the children's thankful heart
Reflects the Father's love.


Divine Flatus, unde fit
quod est e nihilo
oboediensque apparuit
cienti Domino;

Quot terra gignit et mare
per te creata sunt,
lucere mens in homine
amorque coeperunt;

venisti mox sanctissimus
cor Jesu penetrans,
ut prolem ibi nos Deus
agnosceret probans.

In nos, O Patre defluens,
vis tua veniat,
dum filiorum grata mens
Patri respondeat.

MM 6–10.8.01