Latinised Hymns

Three in One and One in Three

Three in One and One in Three,
Ruler of the earth and sea,
hear us while we lift to thee
holy chant and psalm.

Light of lights! with morning shine,
lift on us thy light divine;
and let charity benign
breathe on us her balm.

Light of lights! when falls the even,
let it sink on sin forgiven;
fold us in the peace of heaven;
shed a vesper calm.

Three in One and One in Three,
darkling here we worship thee;
with the saints hereafter we
hope to bear the palm.

G. Rorison

Trine et Unice Deus,
es ubique Dominus;
audi nos, qui tollimus
tibi nenias.

Lucum lampas optima,
mane nos illumina;
adflet et benefica
nobis caritas.

Lucum lampas, vesperi
culpa simus vacui,
et caelestis otii
pacem depluas.

Trine et Unice Deus,
lippi quem hic colimus,
supra des posterius
ferre palmulas.

MM 24.6–7.7.00