Latinised Hymns

To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise

To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise
in hymns of adoration,
to thee bring sacrifice of praise
with shouts of exultation.
Bright robes of gold the fields adorn,
the hills with joy are ringing,
the valleys stand so thick with corn
that even they are singing.

And now, on this our festal day,
thy bounteous hand confessing,
Upon thine altar, Lord, we lay
the first fruits of thy blessing.
By thee the souls of men are fed
with gifts of grace supernal;
thou, who dost give us earthly bread,
give us the bread eternal.

We bear the burden of the day,
and often toil seems dreary;
but labour ends with sunset ray,
and rest comes for the weary.
May we, the angel reaping over,
stand at the last accepted,
Christ's golden sheaves, for evermore
to garners bright elected.

O blessèd is that land of God
where saints abide forever,
where golden fields spread fair and broad,
where flows the crystal river;
the strains of all its holy throng
with ours today are blending;
thrice blessèd is that harvest song
which never hath an ending.

W. Chatterton Dix

Tollentes corda canimus
te, Deus, adorantes
iustisque te clamoribus
laudamus exultantes:
est agro vestis aurea
laetusque in colle sonus,
dum celebrant declivia
suum spicarum onus.

Te coram hoc festo die
meminimus datorum
araeque reddimus tuae
primitias tuorum:
humana corda gratia
tu sustines superna:
terrestria ut nutrimina
sic praebeas aeterna.

Labor diurnus opprimit
pigetque nos sudandi;
cum nocte sed quies venit
modusque laborandi:
sic Christi seges angelis
metentibus ligemur
splendentibusque in horreis
perpetuo locemur.

Benedicatur patriae
sanctorum permanenti
cum latis agris aureae
et fluvio nitenti:
caeeleste carmen est dies
quo nostro misceatur;
o ter beata quae seges*
aeterna celebratur!

MM 26.2–3.3.98

* o ter beati quis seges